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4K560-8 pistol solution

This target will meet all your requirements for pistol shooting events

25m and 50m pistol

The unit are designed according to the ISSF rules for pistol shooting at 25m.

The targets can be used with aiming plates for precision, rapid fire and 50m rifle. The rapid fire target has horizontal aiming guides instead of ring numbers (according to ISSF rules). For additional aiming guide the target design also provides a visible square around the target (between the detection area and the steel protection).


The pistol system is identical to all the other ML2000 systems except for using segments with 5 targets. The reason for this is partly power distribution to light signals and the rules for pistol events that assumes groups of five targets. The light signal is fully integrated into the system and therefore no additional cabling or installation is needed.


4K560-8 is the new target for the 25m range. The target has a new controller card and is equipped with 8 microphones.

Patented Quality system

Our patented technology for measuring the shape of the sound waves and thereby determining the state of a target's detection chamber is very useful for professional shooters during training, and range officers during competitions. The shooter (information displayed on the monitor) or the range officer (information displayed on the range computer) can very easily see whether there are any potential problems in the targets sound chamber - before they may interfere with precise detection of the shot. This is a quality- system highly appreciated among our customers.

Specifications for 4K560-8:

  • Complies with ISSF rules for 25m and 50m pistol
  • Detection area: 520x520mm
  • Target unit base in aluminum
  • Protection plate in Hardox steel:
    • Unjacketed .22 and .32
    • Jacketed 9mm (NATO ammunition)
  • Automatic motor driven band advance
  • Red and green LED lamps with polycarbonate protection
  • Aiming plates for rapid fire, precision and 50m rifle
  • Measures: 700x920x130mm (WxHxD)
  • Weight - complete: 25kg (base unit 10kg)

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