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3U490/MF Skiver

3U490/MF Target

Target models 3U490 and 3U490MF

The difference between the models is automatic band advance on the 3U490MF.

Motorized band advance

Our targets use a specially designed, roll of thin rubber sheet (termed the target band) to ensure that the detection chamber of the target remains sealed. After the strip of the band that covers the aiming area has been shot through repeatedly the integrity of the sound chamber can be compromised and the band is rolled out a short section (termed band advance) to re-seal the detection chamber.

The 3U490MF target model with automatic band advance simplifies maintenance and ensures the highest detection quality all the time. With this motorized automatic band advance you might adjust the pace of the advance of the rubber sheet. This is done in your range management software, or in the monitor, at your own discretion (need for advance is dependent on how many shots beeing fired, how narrow group, training or competition)


The target unit is constructed of tough laminated wood, metal and rubber. The wood is specially treated to be weather resistance in harsh climates. The front and back of the detection chamber are built of a modified Styrofoam-like material with fiberglass reinforcement and is painted in a matte-grey color. This target’s sensor bar is easily inserted and removed from beneath the target.

Our models for 100m - 300m shooting have their sensor bar mounted below the actual target which makes it easy for you to position the target behind a slight berm or provide other adequate shielding so that the lower part of the target unit is protected from the shooting. The sensor bar is of high quality aluminum and houses the targets’ integrated electronics.

Patented Quality system

Our patented technology for measuring the shape of the sound waves and thereby determining the state of a target's detection chamber is very useful for professional shooters during training, and range officers during competitions. The shooter (information displayed on the monitor) or the range officer (information displayed on the range computer) can very easily see whether there are any potential problems in the targets sound chamber - before they may interfere with precise detection of the shot. This is a quality- system highly appreciated among our customers.

Setting up a target

Our targets are easy to install to any new or existing range. The legs that are delivered are long and can be customized to your needs. The target sensor bars of each target can be easily connected in a daisy chain utilizing our excellent single cable system. Targets can be connected in chains of up to 10 units (termed a link) and all your link connections terminate at a common pit cabinet.


Front and back panels of the detection chamber become eventually too riddled with shots and must be serviced in order to maintain a high detection quality. We have paid specially attention to both construction and the material we use so that all maintenance requirements are kept to a minimum and what service is required can easily be performed by our customers. We maintain ample stocks of any replacement parts that you should ever require for such servicing.

Aiming cards for the 3U490 target

It is a snap to change the aiming face of our targets using aiming cards. All of our targets have a very precise detection center and the mounting for the aiming card is designed to ensure a stable aiming face.

  • Standard DFS 100m round aiming face
  • Standard DFS 200m round aiming face
  • DVF Reindeer
  • Roedeer
  • Boar
  • Stationary Moose (Left-hand)
  • Fox
  • Moose
  • Custom designs

All aiming faces have a light grey base color. This reduces problems with glare on sunny days but ensures very good visibility in darker lighting conditions.

Stable target center

All ML2000 targets have highly stable target center. This is due to:

  • Sensors are precisely mounted in a stable aluminum chassis
  • Temperature monitoring is very precise
  • Superior detection from our custom designed integrated electronics
  • A detection solution that accounts for all relevant factors
  • No calibration required
  • Body construction aids temperature stability within the target

Specifications for 3U490, 3U490MF:

100m: DFS, NSF and NJFF
200m: DFS, NSF an NJFF

Detection area:
3U490: 1026mm x 1090mm

Storage temperature:
-25°C - +60°C
Use temperature:
-25°C - +45°C

Power consumption: 9-16V, 50-80mA

Dimensions: 1160x1935x86mm (WxHxD)

Target 3U490 / 2U490MF: 29kg / 31kg 
with band roll: 32kg / 34kg

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