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4K560B Finkaliber

4K560B Finkaliber løpende villsvin

50m Running Bore

This target is the same as the 4K560 target unit.
The system is build on the same components as for all Megalink targets.
The system use radio modem for communication between the target and the monitor.

Key Benefits

  • Easy to install
  • The electronic is protected behind steel plate
  • Radio communications. No cables between target and monitor
  • Can be used on 12V power supply
  • Easy to use display unit.

Display Unit

The display unit for the shooter is designed for the environment at the shooting stand and provide clear and explicit information about the shooting

Clubs using the running bore target:

  • Oslo SSL Norway
  • Løiten JFF Norway
  • Raseborg Finland
  • Åmåldsorten Jaktforening Sweden

The tragets was used on the ISSF World Shooting Championship in Vierumäki, Heinola, Finland in 2009.

The following units are mounted on the trolley:

  • Target unit
  • Target connection box with battery and run counter
  • End switches for run counter
  • Radio modem

On the shooting range:

  • Display connector
  • PC-connection
  • Power supply
  • Display unit
  • Radiomodem

Specifications for 4K560B:

  • Detection area: 520x520mm
  • Target unit base in aluminium
  • Protection plate in Hardox steel:
  • Unjacketed .22 and .32
  • Jacketed 9mm (NATO ammunition)
  • Automatic motor driven band advance
  • Measures: 700x920x130mm (WxHxD)
  • Weight - complete: 25kg (base unit 10kg)

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